Lyme disease

Encephalitis caused by ticks and Lyme disease: New approaches from the Y&C Institute of Medical Rehabilitation Ltd. in Cyprus

Diseases caused by ticks and Lyme disease are serious global health problems affecting the population worldwide. These diseases are due to viruses or microbes that enter the human body through the bites and saliva of these dangerous insects.

In most cases, patients present similar symptoms regardless of their geographical location, as the causative agent is often the spirochete Borrelia. Additionally, they belong to the same group of spirochetes and other microbes such as Bartonella, Babesia, and the Flavivirus. The similarity of symptoms and the presence of multiple pathogens can complicate diagnosis and treatment.

In many cases, immune suppression and underlying disabilities allow viruses and microbes to enter the body, worsening the clinical picture. Therefore, conventional antibiotic therapy does not always provide the expected results.

At the Y&C Institute of Medical Rehabilitation Ltd., we adopt a modern approach to the treatment of these diseases. Through the use of high-dose intravenous ozone combined with intravenous laser radiation, significant improvement in the condition of patients has been observed. Results included pain reduction, increased strength in the limbs and back, as well as relief from symptoms.

Moreover, patient monitoring showed complete absence of Borrelia in blood tests after treatment. In the future, we aim to restore affected areas of the body, enhance immunity, and provide individualized care according to the physician’s guidelines.

Furthermore, our therapeutic approach includes the use of ozone therapy, physiotherapy, and dietary interventions to improve the overall condition of the patient. The success of this approach is crucial for patient recovery and achieving long-term therapeutic results.

Therefore, addressing tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease requires careful diagnosis and comprehensive therapeutic approach. With proper care and adoption of advanced medical practices, we can offer patients the opportunity for recovery and improvement in their quality of life.