Rehabilitative Therapy After Injuries and Diseases

Rehabilitative Therapy for Post-Traumatic Patients

The primary goal of medical professionals is to restore the patient’s body, following an injury, to its pre-trauma condition if possible, or, if not, to get as close to these parameters as possible.

We have everything needed for this: trained staff, experienced doctors (Dr. Nikoletta Nikolenko, a rehabilitation doctor, defended her doctoral dissertation at the Sechenov Medical Academy), a large and spacious physiotherapy department equipped with new apparatuses, and separate rooms for specialized equipment such as the magnetic therapy, ozone sauna, infrared sauna, and electronic glove.

Our extensive, well-equipped rehabilitation hall is staffed with experienced rehabilitators who work daily to help patients get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

But we go even further.

We have learned to accelerate tissue recovery. For this, we administer ozone (atomic oxygen) intravenously via a drip. Simultaneously, the patient takes “Molecfer” (molecular iron), which, due to its small size, easily passes through any membrane, thereby stimulating stem cells. Additionally, we intravenously supply the body with vitamins and minerals, along with medications that contain materials for building cartilage tissue (chondroitin, glucosamine, proteins, etc.)

As a result, the rehabilitation period is reduced, on average, by one-third.


Stay healthy!