Auxiliary Treatment for Cancer Patients

Cancer: A Severe Disease

Cancer is a severe disease that can affect any organ at any time during a person’s life.

What is Cancer?

A defective cell that has been damaged by a virus, microbe, radiation, or mechanical impact, yet retains the ability to reproduce and create similar cells is known as a tumor. A tumor that can potentially kill us is called cancer.

There are as many types of cancer as there are types of cells, plus subtypes.

Fighting the Disease

Efforts to combat this disease have been ongoing for many years, with diagnostic capabilities improving annually. Laboratory research methods, magnetic resonance imaging, PET scans, and others have expanded, as have surgical capabilities. Equipment now allows for operations in previously inaccessible areas of the body, and radiotherapy has become more precise and safer. However, there are still challenges with medical treatment, particularly its effectiveness and toxicity, which remain the “Achilles’ heel” of cancer therapy.

Approach to Destroying Cancer

First and foremost, it’s important to understand our strategy for destroying cancer. We believe in targeting the tumor itself, addressing the cause of the tumor, and altering the environment where the tumor developed.

The Cause

In most cases, the cause is a virus. For instance, the latest HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer, directly pointing to a viral origin.

Our Approach

We eliminate all viruses using ozone, thereby depriving the tumor of its “constant support.” We target the tumor and its metastases with a strong magnetic field using the Turbotron Lux device. Healthy cells are unaffected, whereas cancer cells suffer and often disintegrate.

The Environment

By altering the environment (akin to removing water from a fish tank to see how the fish react), we can affect the tumor. Ozone therapy quickly increases blood oxygen levels. British oncologists assert that blood oxygen levels above 96% can lead to tumor destruction. Intravenous administration of high doses of vitamin C acidifies the blood and boosts immunity, leading to tumor destruction. Drinking “acidic water” or “Japanese water” (two liters per day) acts as a strong electrolyte, penetrating cell membranes and cleansing the cells of waste.




As we know, most digestive waste accumulates in the large intestine and subsequently “poisons” the body. We cleanse it, which makes the patient feel better.

Colloidal Molecular Iron

We are beginning trials using colloidal molecular iron, a serious therapy that we plan to register in Cyprus. It is completely painless for the patient.

It’s important to note that our therapy is auxiliary.

Preventive Measures

For recovered patients and relatives with a family history of cancer, a preventive course of ozone therapy 10-12 times a year is recommended. Taking energy supplements from mushrooms for 3-4 months annually (during cold seasons) can boost immunity. Maintain blood oxygen levels at no less than 96%.

A New Approach to Cancer Treatment and Prevention

This approach includes intravenous ozone, “ten-pass,” transdermal-transcutaneous ultraviolet light, and the Magnetic Therapy.

Conventional Cancer Treatment

Currently, cancer treatment mainly follows the classic scheme: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The goal of “classic therapy” is to directly attack the tumor, and this approach works fairly well. However, post-operation uncertainty about metastases, incomplete chemotherapy, and radiotherapy cleanups can leave room for our auxiliary treatments to help without worsening the patient’s condition, instead aiding in overcoming this serious disease. Alongside direct treatment, our therapy slightly alters the body’s environment, which is harmless to the patient but often intolerable for the tumor, leading to its death.

Protocol for Treating Cancer Patients

We study the patient’s medical history, analyses, additional examinations, and conduct a physical exam to understand the current state of the disease. Based on this information, we create a treatment plan, which includes the specific devices and parameters to be used, their frequency, combined treatments, regimen, nutrition, and sleep—all crucial for fighting the disease and minimizing recurrence.

Innovative Methods

We are also working on a solution of metals that can be absorbed by tumors, allowing for better visualization and more effective destruction.




Case Study

A 30-year-old man with stomach cancer (positive biopsy, tumor size 16×3.5 cm, and enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes) came to our medical center. He had symptoms such as stomach pain, weakness, bloating, and loss of appetite. American medical experts predicted 3-4 months of life expectancy. The patient insisted on our treatment. We began with high doses of ozone, vitamin C, and ultraviolet blood irradiation. After 15 sessions, the patient felt significantly better and took a week off, during which American doctors found the tumor had reduced from 16 cm to 1.5 cm. We repeated three courses of 15 sessions every six months. The patient has now been living for four years, running a large company in Dubai, and remains in good health.

Preventive Care for At-Risk Individuals

Preventive treatment is crucial for those at risk of cancer, including children of affected parents, particularly if both parents are ill, workers in hazardous industries (chemistry, petrochemistry, radiation, pesticide use), and immunocompromised individuals prone to colds, herpes, or smokers. Viral infections target weak immune systems, destroying some cells entirely and damaging others that survive but become cancerous.

Preventive Treatment Protocol

We start with large doses of intravenous ozone (12-15 sessions) alongside intravenous vitamin C. We conduct 8-10 sessions with the Magnetic device. If the patient has other health issues, we address those too, using “ten-pass” ozone therapy to eliminate viruses and filter their toxins. We normalize all blood parameters and have the patient visit the clinic every one to three months.

Preventing the disease is better than curing it, especially with cancer. Through our preventive measures, we believe we can prevent many cancer cases.

Stay Health!