Necrosis of the Kneecap

Necrosis of the left knee is a serious condition in which the tissue of the epicondylitis loses its blood supply and nutrition, leading to inadequate cellular function. The patient complained of severe pain, difficulty moving, and weakness in the left knee. After an MRI scan, necrosis was detected, which is a rare disease characterized by complex and traumatic treatment.

After undergoing 20 sessions of intravenous ozone therapy, all symptoms disappeared, and the patient restored normal knee function, as well as the ability to return to everyday activities and work.

Case of Knee Necrosis in Patient Adam Urbanski:

“Hello, my name is Adam Urbanski. About two years ago, I came to this clinic. When I came, I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis. It’s quite a complicated word. The story was such that, just to share it quickly, nothing had happened to me. I had no problems. I have always been a healthy guy. I take care of my health and lead a healthy lifestyle.

I always try to live simply and clearly, and one day I woke up at night with severe pain and a significant swelling in my knee. I went to doctors in Limassol, Cyprus, and they told me many different stories. I visited various specialists, but they couldn’t help me. I had a lot of pain, a lot of blood in my knee; they did punctures, told specialists that I had water in my knee, etc. However, whatever they did, sending me to this specialist and that specialist, they couldn’t help. Thank God, my friend told me about Dr. Yuri Nikolenko.

As soon as he told me, I called him on Friday, I think, and told the girl at the reception that it was urgent. They told me I could come on Saturday. I came, and Dr. Yuri used some special chamber equipment he had. That’s how he was able to diagnose what actually happened to my knee and immediately started ozone therapy treatment and some other antibiotics and other laser procedures, etc. The guys here took such good care of me. I came here every day for two months. And then we were able to destroy these bacteria. Just to clarify, these bacteria is very serious. It was in my blood, in my blood cells, in my body.

I was completely out of the game, you know, I couldn’t think normally, obviously couldn’t walk normally at all, and the pain was on another level. And after Dr. Yuri diagnosed it and found the problem, and he started the ozone therapy treatment, every day, every day I got brighter and brighter, you know, and

And I don’t know how strongly to recommend this ozone therapy treatment I used for this disease, for these bacteria. And I am so grateful that they were able to help me so much. At this time, I was obviously bedridden all the time, traveling here to Nicosia every morning for treatment. I had a lot of time to research these bacteria.


And I feel so sorry for so many people who do not reach out and do not seek other treatments besides just, you know, the public system, where usually, if someone has these bacteria, they literally cut off your limbs, guys.

And it’s such a sad story because I read about many children and other people who had limbs cut off because the bacteria attack the bones and can attack anywhere in your body, right? So, it can attack your shoulders, your knees, your mouth, anywhere. And then what they generally do, they just cut off the limb, thinking that the bacteria will go away. But guys, the bacteria is inside your body, so you have to fight it from the inside, you know, it’s inside your bones, in your blood cells. So, ozone therapy plus antibiotics that Dr. Yuri actually prescribes, and all the other vitamins that were given intravenously here, helped me a lot, and I am so grateful and highly recommend this to everyone, guys, you know, ozone is the way forward, you know, and you might not believe it until you try it yourself, and just believe and try it, you know, and thank you, Dr. Yuri, I really appreciate it.”