Gerontology: How to Maintain Health and Youthfulness

At the Y&C Institute of Medical Rehabilitation Ltd in Cyprus, we offer a comprehensive approach to combating aging through a balanced lifestyle and age-appropriate physical activity. Essential measures include timely laboratory tests, cardiac assessments, and regular specialist check-ups.

To live a long and fulfilling life, an active lifestyle, proper nutrition, and a positive outlook are crucial. But what about individuals who are ill or experiencing health challenges such as stress, constipation, mood disturbances, or insomnia? The solution lies in proper treatment and support for restoring health.

Our Offerings:

  1. Experienced specialists
  2. State-of-the-art equipment
  3. Proprietary methods
  4. Continuous patient monitoring
  5. Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment facilities
  6. Affordable pricing
  7. Convenient location in Nicosia
  8. Disease Classification:


Mild forms and borderline conditions: Easily treatable within a short period (up to one year).

Moderate severity: Treatable over a longer period (up to five years).

Severe or incurable conditions: Treatment extends beyond five years.

For mild and moderate conditions, patients in our rejuvenation program receive a personalized “roadmap” with clear recommendations and goals for several years. Throughout the rejuvenation period, patients are closely monitored by specialists who adjust the treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal outcomes.

The program is overseen by experienced doctors, including therapists, neurologists, and dermatologists. The chief supervisor, Dr. Nicole Nikolenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Physician of Restorative Medicine, leads the medical team.

For severe cases, the goal is to slow disease progression and, where possible, implement partial rejuvenation strategies. Our primary aim is to maintain bodily functions, enabling patients to lead an active lifestyle and work up to retirement age if feasible.

Rejuvenation Methods:


Intestinal cleansing via hydrocolon therapy

Skin cleansing using thermal capsules followed by subsequent procedures

Biological: Blood purification with ozone to eliminate microbes, viruses, toxins, and diseased cells, preventing fatty plaque accumulation in blood vessels.

Plasmapheresis to remove harmful substances, microbes, and antibodies

Physical: Blood irradiation with a fixed-in-vein laser for severe infections and chemical or biological invasions

Biochemical: Introduction of amino acids orally, transdermally, or intravenously

Consumption of Japanese “Kangen” water

Visible Correction: Supervised by an experienced dermatologist, addressing the skin of the face, body, hair, and nails

Biochemical Control: Conducted by specialized laboratories in Cyprus

Stay healthy and youthful !