Excess Weight in Young Women and How to Combat It Correctly



Y&C Institute of Medical Rehabilitation Ltd, Cyprus

First, we determine the causes of obesity: endocrine genesis, heredity, chronic constipation, abdominal organ diseases, mental retardation, and simple laziness combined with overeating.

When endocrine pathology is identified, we begin with consultations and treatment by an endocrinologist, then add our own treatments (which we will discuss later). If the patient has gastrointestinal tract diseases, we address those first and then proceed with our methods (which we will also discuss later).

After a detailed examination, we classify patients into groups:

Patients without a burdened heredity — alimentary obesity.

Patients with a burdened heredity, endocrine pathologies.

Patients with mental retardation.

For the first group, almost all therapy methods are suitable:

We start with hydrocolonotherapy, diet, physical exercise, nutritional regimen, and special therapies (ozone therapy, carboxytherapy, cryolipolysis, massage, various specialized weight loss devices, etc.). We widely use the Icoone device, a unique lymphatic drainage system.

For the second group, we begin with medicinal correction of the primary disease and then add only those procedures permitted for these patients.

For the third group, treatment is carried out in the presence of caregivers and only to the extent permissible for their condition.

Stay healthy and beautiful.