In order to combat diseases such as severe forms of Herpes.


In order to combat diseases such as severe forms of herpes zoster (affecting the brain and spinal cord, the optic nerves, major nerves with severe pain syndrome unresponsive to analgesics).

Lyme disease (borreliosis, babesiosis, bartonellosis…)

Severe liver damage.

Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, post-COVID syndrome, and other viral and post-viral illnesses.

Treatment of severe gangrene and diabetic feet, severe sinusitis, pneumonia and various bronchitis.

For treating intoxication caused by heavy metal salts, helminth toxins, food and other toxic infections.

Any autoimmune processes, acute and chronic allergies.

Severe post-stroke conditions, Parkinson’s disease, severe consequences of post-traumatic syndrome.

For rejuvenating the body.

Effective treatment requires good equipment: a large comprehensive intravenous ozone department (ten passes – intravenous, subcutaneous, intra-articular, cutaneous ozone devices, intravenous and cutaneous laser therapy, magnetic therapy (brain and body stimulation), ozone saunas, hydrogen inhalations, hydrogen baths, hydrocolonotherapy – the latest models…

A large fully equipped rehab hall, a large fully equipped physiotherapy department.

A large fully equipped dermatology department.

The newest lymphatic drainage “Icoone”

And many other types of necessary equipment to achieve our goals.

A serious team of doctors, which we have.

All specialties for productive treatment: a general practitioner, a pediatric specialist (who consults us on the treatment of severe conditions in children), a dermatologist – who directs our treatment of various dermatological diseases, a doctor of science in rehabilitation – who creates projects for the recovery of patients after injuries and illnesses.

Our well-trained medical and special staff – they are simply great.

We also have a strong line of experienced consultants, including world-renowned names: Antonis Polydorou – a super-specialist in invasive treatments, as well as the entire composition of the European Medical Association, of which we are members.

Medical laboratories in Cyprus – which conduct serious research for patients. – all our results are confirmed by laboratory tests.

Only with such an organization of work is it possible to treat serious diseases.