You inquire, "Does ozone therapy work?"



To answer succinctly, I suggest you ask my patients.

Three years ago, a journalist from Cyprus News asked me this very question. Surprised by my response, I referred him to my patients for firsthand accounts while I continued my appointments. He must have been satisfied, as he subsequently referred several new patients to me. [Link to Cyprus News article]

Consider the case of Sh. from England, who was prepared for euthanasia due to severe brain damage from the herpes zoster virus. Within four weeks of starting ozone therapy, his debilitating headaches vanished, and he made a full recovery. [Link to euthanasia article]

Take Mrs. Nitsa from Aradipou, who endured eight months of agony, losing 48 kg while unable to eat or open her eyes due to herpes zoster of the face and head. After 32 days of ozone treatment, her pain subsided, her vision returned, and she resumed normal eating. [Link to her testimonial]

Dimitris from Sotira had to resort to drinking half a liter of whiskey just to sleep for four hours, as painkillers were ineffective against the pain from herpes zoster affecting his lower back, abdomen, and legs. Three weeks of ozone therapy eliminated his pain entirely. [Link to article on the old website]

Then there’s Andreas M., who suffered from severe tremors and a “dancing gait” due to Parkinson’s Disease. Following ozone therapy combined with TEN PAS, he now runs hurdles at over 50 years old. [Link to his interview]

Mrs. Niki from New Zealand, once confined to a medical wheelchair, walked out on her own after three months of ozone therapy. She even donated her wheelchair to someone in need, having recovered from Lyme Disease. [Link on the new website]

Mrs. Eleni was facing amputation due to diabetic gangrene but now walks to the supermarket on her own after two months of treatment.

Another patient endured severe facial wounds from a combination of herpes zoster and a microbial infection. [Link to herpes clip]

Mrs. Chryso from Australia, who struggled with head and joint pain for years due to Lyme disease and Lupus, danced the complex Cypriot dance “Zeimbekiko” after just one and a half months of ozone therapy. [Link to her story]

Sheikh Fadi was given a three-month prognosis due to widespread lymphoma but regained his health after three weeks of therapy. Fourteen years later, he remains healthy. [Link to cancer article]

Professor Chernykh, once unable to walk around Moscow without assistance due to retinal degeneration, now navigates the metro and the city independently after three weeks of ozone treatment. [Link to his review and retina studies]

A young man with hepatitis C, whose bilirubin levels posed a deadly risk, experienced a miraculous recovery through ozone therapy, a feat rarely achievable by other treatments. [Link to hepatitis C article]

A patient who suffered an anaphylactic shock and severe liver enzyme spikes after injecting heroin saw remarkable improvements with intensive intravenous ozone therapy. [Link to article with analyses]

Mrs. L. faced continuous herpes zoster attacks that disfigured her face, but ozone therapy provided significant relief. [Link to her interview]

I could continue listing countless success stories. Over 35 years, we have treated thousands of patients, with results corroborated by analyses and MRIs. Our treatment protocols are unique, making us one of the largest ozone therapy centers in Europe, certified by ISO.