The Positive Impact of Intravenous Ozone Therapy on Immunity


One of the most severe problems in the field of disease prevention in medicine is the weak immunity of the population.

This easily leads to the development of viral and microbial epidemics, an increase in chronic diseases, and even a rise in oncological diseases. What we observe in real time every day is that the majority of our country’s population does not engage in basic physical exercise, eats poorly and irregularly, sleeps little (spends time on the internet), and many citizens already have various chronic diseases at a young age.

Immunity, which is the defense against external aggressive factors towards our body, weakens in such people and “lets diseases in.”

What does intravenous ozone do?

It is essentially a “dry cleaning of our body” — after a small prophylactic course of ozone therapy and receiving DNA tests showing no live viruses, the patient comes once a month and undergoes an enhanced prophylactic ozone therapy procedure. The result is that these people suffer significantly fewer colds, have almost no live extraneous pathogenic viruses, and consequently, much fewer chronic and autoimmune diseases. The permeability of small blood vessels is maintained much longer (ozone dissolves cholesterol deposits in the vessels to water). The amount of oxygen in the tissues increases (after intravenous administration of ozone, a large amount of oxygen remains in the blood).

This allows for an improvement in the body’s metabolism.

In addition, prophylactic doses of intravenous minerals and vitamins enhance the process.

Therefore, for those who have immunity problems, intravenous therapy can help you.