Treatment of severe chlorine poisoning using ozone.


Treatment of severe chlorine poisoning using ozone.

On June 11, 2012, a young woman, aged 27, was brought to us in critical condition. Previously, she had been admitted to Limassol General Hospital, where chlorine poisoning was diagnosed with a dose exceeding 50%, a condition considered fatal for the human body.

The previous evening, after a night out, she returned home and went to sleep, while her white curtains were being bleached with chlorine at the cleaners.

In the morning, her friend found her unconscious and called an ambulance, which transported her to the hospital. There, the prognosis was unfavorable, and despite the risk during transportation, it was decided to transfer her to us.

The situation was extremely challenging, with the patient experiencing severe weakness and intense headaches.

After seeking assistance from international clinics and failing to receive therapeutic recommendations, we decided to undertake the treatment ourselves. A strategy of aggressive therapy with intravenous ozone doses up to five times a day was chosen.

An anesthesiologist took care of the patient for ten days, during which more than eight cardiac arrests occurred and were treated with electroshock.

After ten days of treatment, the patient’s condition significantly improved: headaches decreased, and weakness diminished. Chlorine levels in the blood returned to normal.

It was decided to reduce the intravenous ozone doses to once a day, and the patient recovered after ten days and was discharged from the hospital.

Monitoring continues, and a gradual improvement in her health is observed, with occasional mild headaches before changes in the weather.

In conclusion, intravenous ozone therapy successfully removed chlorine from the body, thus saving the patient’s life.



Dr. Yuri Nikolenko